Istanbul, a magical and gigantic city defying centuries. A team of civilian police officers in Istanbul Police Department's Public Order Division are fighting with all sorts of evil and burden in order to make each street of this city more livable and pleasant for everyone. They patrol the streets of the metropolis and fight with all sorts of illicit actions they come across while they stand one by another through joys, sorrows, love and loneliness. This is the story our police officers and their families which interlace with the adventures of streets of Istanbul Captain "Papa" Riza, thanks to his years of experience and fatherly figure, leads the way to the younger members of the team in the midst of these bitter sweet stories. dynamic and handsome sergeant Murat, the brand new sergeant Zeynep who has recently joined the team, Mesut who can be out of control because of problems he has with himself and life itself and finally clean hearted Husnu who is struggling to make a living for his crowded family. "Papa" Riza will teach to all of them the ins and outs of the profession as well as the life itself, thus reminding them what has been forgotten.


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